Here are our favorite anti-bullying slogans

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Friends don’t let friends bully

Matadors Like Bullies

I survived bullying!

Workplace bullying

Bullying Hurts

Kids Aren’t Born Bullies

No Bullying

EOB — End of Bullying

Friends don’t let friends bully

Matadors Don’t Like Bullying

Bullying is for losers

Be happy, bullies hate it!

Stop the Cycle of Bullying

A Bully Ate My Homework

Bullies Suck

Bullies Weren’t Breastfed

Bullies Are (Mean) People Too!

Live and Let Live

Bullies Non-Grata

Ignore Bullies and They Will Go Away

Bullies Lose In The End

Bullying Isn’t Cool

Help the Bully Change

Change a Bully and you Help the Bullied

Love A Bully, Change Many Lives

Jesus wasn’t a bullyReligious

Mohammed wasn’t a bully

Abraham wasn’t a bully

Buddha wasn’t a bully

School Yard

No Bullies Allowed

Bully-Free Zone

Buddies Not Bullies

Sticks and stones can break my bones, but bullies hurt too.


Cyber Bullying

Cyber Bullying is Bullying

Bullying Leaves Bruises–Inside

Tweet This: Stop the Bullying

Think before you type

Post Don’t Roast

Geeks Against Bullying

Nerds Against Bullying

Friend Me, Don’t Bully Me

A Bully is a BBEG

Bullying is not LOL

Bullies are Minions

Don’t be mean behind the scene

Bystanders and observers

Turning Your Head to Bullying is Participating

Anyone can bully

Turning your head to bullying let’s it continue


Only Parents Can End Bullying

Teach Your Children Peace, Not Bullying

Mothers against bullying

Fathers against bullying

Aggressive & Angry

Bullies Are For Practice

Bullies Are Scat

It Takes a Wimp to Be A Bully

“Just a joke” 

If a joke hurts, it’s not funny

Some Jokes Are Bullying

Adult & College 

Bullying is Bull$*@!

Don’t be a Boob. Don’t be a bully

Bullies are bad in bed.

What’s your favorite anti-bullying slogan? Let us know in the comment box below, and we’ll publish it!

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wilson January 18, 2012 at 12:48 pm

Time for a change of habit if you bully & are mean. but fill sorry for you! bulling back at bullys don’t help


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