Sharing passwords may not seem to be connected to bullying, but hang with me for a paragraph or two. It is.

The other day I saw an article on the tendencies of couples to share (or not) their financial passwords. In here was a mention that it’s becoming common for teens to share passwords with each other. I lost the article (still can’t find it), and so I Googled a few related terms. To my shock there are tons of articles from news media around the world (you can try one search here ( that showed sharing passwords for teens “is the new sex,” something “girls do more than boys,” a “new sign of young love,” an “expectation for teen sweethearts,” and so on.

Now, let’s think about all of the news coverage in recent years that involves an ex teen love bullying and harassing the subject of their past affection. How much worse will that bullying be if the person can make FaceBook posts under their ex’s name, or flips their privacy settings to “public” in FaceBook or YouTube? Or worse, makes a posting on their behalf.

For a sensitive teen, that could be life altering humiliation.

So, parents, don’t let your kids share their passwords. Teach them better. As with many things, and as with bullying, an ounce of prevention can go a long way…


I heard it once on a subway, “Its about respecting people, yo.” The truth to that goes far. When you’re bullying someone, you’re not respecting them. When you’re thoughtless or uncivil, you’re not showing respect either.

As starter for how to end bullying, I think we can all stand-up and start acting civil–even to those who aren’t.

Sadly, Weber Shandwick (an international and well established global public relations agency) and KRC Research released results recently of a national civility survey performed in 2010. You can read the results to the 16 questions but in short order, there is a super majority perception that civility in the U.S. among people is getting worse.

Hopefully the pendulum swings back soon–and gets stuck in the nice position. The economy, jobs, housing, and extremem weather are making life hard enough for most of us, We certainly don’t need to make things worse by acting ugly to each other.

Just $0.02 and mug of joe for the nice peeps…


The film, The Bullying Project, is due out in March 2012 and will follow a year in the life of  America’s bullying crisis at schools and how it affects five families. All signs indicate this is a going to be a compelling storytelling around the struggles with bullying. The film has racked up a number of film festival awards already.

You can learn more here:

You can post your thoughts in comments below this story or on the film’s Twitter page here:!/TheBullyProject

You can watch the official version of the trailer below.

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